In recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to the fire prevention of construction projects, and a large number of fire prevention materials have been applied in engineering construction. Db-a3-cd01 fire-retardant bag is a new type of fire-proof supporting refractory developed by Weicheng company according to the new national standard of gb23864-2009 (fireproof plugging material). The shape of db-a3-cd01 fire-retardant bag is like a small pillow, the outer layer is made of treated glass fiber cloth, and the interior is filled with a mixture of inorganic non combustible materials and special additives. The product is non-toxic, tasteless, corrosion-free, water-resistant, oil-resistant, Hygrothermal resistant, freeze-thaw cycle resistant and good expansion characteristics. It can be disassembled and reused at will. It can be made into various shapes of firewall and fireproof layer according to different requirements of users, and also can be used to plug holes requiring fire-proof treatment. When encountering fire, the materials in the fire-retardant package are heated and expanded to form a honeycomb block, forming a tight sealing layer to achieve fire prevention and heat insulation, and effectively control the fire within the local range. When the plugging thickness reaches 240mm, the fire resistance limit can reach more than 180min.

The fire-retardant bag is used as partition wall instead of refractory brick, slag cotton, ceramic wool and other materials in the past. Compared with them, the fire-retardant bag has remarkable heat insulation effect.

Db-a3-cd01 fire-retardant package is suitable for plugging various penetrations in power, telecommunication, post, chemical industry, mining, enterprise, building and underground engineering, such as the plugging of holes formed when the penetrations such as cables, oil pipes, air pipes, gas pipes, metal pipes, etc. pass through the partition wall or partition layer, which can stop the spread of flame, especially suitable for the important parts of frequent replacement of cables.

Post time: Jul-13-2020